Robotic mathematical programming is here.

The technology to automatically convert mathematical calculations to C++ code has arrived. It’s Calc4Web. No need to waste valuable time debugging, testing and manually coding from scratch anymore. With Calc4Web technology, creating a mathematical C++ subroutine from your spreadsheets and VBA is fast, simple, and as easy to use as Excel.

Just highlight the areas of Excel you want to convert to C++, click a button, and perfect, working code gets generated and compiled every time. Calc4Web generated C++ code is faster, more secure, and can be used anywhere: on the cloud, in any other application, and in any other system including the web.

With Calc4Web, you’ll create mathematical routines in a tiny fraction of the time it normally takes. Calc4Web turns Excel into an autonomous C++ coder, dramatically boosting your productivity and efficiency and drastically shortening project completion times. And when you’ve got mammoth software programming projects, Calc4Web will save you thousands of man-hours of programming time and thousands of dollars in programmer costs! Imagine programming projects going from several months to just minutes. With Calc4Web, it's a reality.

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Generate C++ code for simple formulas AND complex, massive, mathematical spreadsheets

When you’ve got Calc4Web, there’s no need to waste valuable time writing C++ code manually, the old fashioned way. No need to debug. No need to test. Imagine creating working C++ code just by setting up the formulas and logic in Excel and clicking the convert button. That's now possible with Calc4Web. Calc4Web generated code works on the first try. Yes, on the first try. Because it's machine generated, it's free of the bugs normally associated with hand written code. No human labor equals no human error.

Migrate and roll out analytics from Excel to other systems in a fraction of the time

Until now, rolling out your Excel analytics to other systems required hiring a programmer to convert the spreadsheet to a high-level language such as C++.

Now, with Calc4Web, you don’t need that programmer. Simply push a button and Calc4Web will automatically create the C++ and compile it into a DLL for you. Perfect C++ that works exactly the same as the spreadsheet does, on the first try, right away. Without the time spent getting the program to work; without the time spent debugging and testing. Saving you a great deal of time and money.

With Calc4Web, analytics that work inside Excel can now be used anywhere. Not just in Excel, but also in other applications and over the Internet, even if those applications are written in a language other than C/C++, such as Visual Basic or Java. So everyone can reap the benefits of your Excel calculations.


Secure spreadsheets by hiding proprietary algorithms from prying eyes

You've worked hard creating the perfect mathematical spreadsheet models. Now you want to send it to clients. How do you keep your clients from accessing your trade secrets? Use Calc4Web. By turning your cell formulas and VBA into a compiled DLL, your clients only see 0's and 1's. No one will be able to see your secret sauce and steal it.

True, Excel already gives users the ability to hide and password protect sheets and VBA modules. This feature attempts to protect trade secrets and intellectual property. Unfortunately, Excel’s password protection can be cracked almost immediately by any number of packages floating around the Internet for free, rendering password protection nearly useless.

But since Calc4Web compiles Excel spreadsheet formulas into DLLs, no one else can see what’s going on inside the spreadsheet, because the formulas are no longer inside the spreadsheet. They have been moved into the DLL, and compiled into the 0’s and 1’s the computer understands, but people don’t. It’s not password protected, and crackable: instead it’s transformed into something that looks like gibberish to anyone but a computer, and is absolutely uncrackable.

Speed Up

Calc4Web makes Excel calculations hundreds of times faster

Do you feel like you've hit the limits of Excel's recalculation power? Converting a workbook from interpreted VBA and cell formulas into compiled C++ speeds up calculations dramatically. Three hundred and five hundred fold speedups are not uncommon with Calc4Web.

And recalculation isn't the only speedup you get with Calc4Web. Programming up massive spreadsheets can take countless months for a programmer to convert by hand. But with IT resources scarce and good programmers in high demand, this is costly and leads to huge implementation delays. Calc4Web solves this problem completely: mammoth spreadsheets are converted immediately, and no programmers are needed to code it.

The bigger the spreadsheet the more you'll save with Calc4Web. Calc4Web will create thousands of lines of code per second, and it won't introduce any bugs into the system. How long will it take a programmer to type millions of lines of code? A smart programmer will try to automate the task. And a smarter programmer will realize it's already been done: it's called Calc4Web.

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